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Natural wear them

The Natural Vanity Line was born from the idea of creating something original that was, above all, eco-sustainable.


Sustainability as a value, not simply as a marketing tool, and a sensitivity towards the environment, are factors that led me to create a line of shoes for men and women that is suitable for all seasons, produced entirely using natural dyes derived from plants, and replacing the standard leather with more environmentally sustainable fabric.


The colours are produced by cultivated plants and medicinal herbs such as woad, reseda, madder, and rue, or harvested in the wild, like smoke bush and oak galls. Other colours are derived from processing waste products from agriculture, such as pomace, pepper, pomegranate and walnut husk. After harvesting, the plants are dried and ground, or transformed into ready-to-use concentrated dyes through a process of water extraction.


Choosing natural colours is a gesture of our profound gratitude for the environment that surrounds us. Choosing natural colours means receiving a gift and an important heritage that has been handed down to us over the centuries.


Our footwear follows a concept of sustainable fashion, 100% made in Italy using ecological materials with a low environmental impact.

Our colors


At Natural Vanity, we crafts every single shoe by hand with the experience and passion of experts who create products that are personalisable, unique and unrepeatable. We care about our customers, and we want them to experience an emotion that starts with the choice of colour, a phrase, a name engraved on the sole or initials applied on the front of the upper.


Wearing Natural Vanity means standing out, exclusivity and the certainty of having an original product.