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More than thirty years of experience led me to produce this colourful footwear in the most varied colours that nature has to offer, while maintaining the same comfort features that a shoe must always have, and above all fashionable, an essential condition for stylish dressing.


Over the years I developed a sensitivity to and awareness for values linked to sustainability, and these led me to do something that would make a difference to our children’s future, the future of the environment and the future of our planet. I also believed that this philosophy could be reconciled with the type of business I wanted, and so, together with my sister Paola, a lifelong companion and an expert in natural colours, I built up a production chain, from the extraction of colour to its application to the finished shoe.


The values conveyed by our family and our determination to face new challenges made us determined to pursue this ambitious project. The result is a product range that can be fully personalised with accessories, colours and text to make the shoe both comfortable and an emotional experience that makes the wearer feel unique, because every shoe produced by Natural Vanity is absolutely original and unrepeatable.


Personalisation is the most interesting feature of this line of footwear. Using a laser technique, it is possible to write a name, a memorable date or a phrase that represents you without neglecting the choice in colour, laces and any other accessories that further enrich the shoe. Natural Vanity shoes are completely handmade to order, and each model is different from any other. For this reason, we have coined a slogan that we think recipients of this line of footwear can identify with: those who are not conformists and who do not settle for the ordinary or obvious, because in fashion, vanity is not a defect but a mark of beauty and originality.

The know-how, originated from the trade, from the passion for beauty and attention to detail.

Respecting and keeping alive an artisan tradition means bringing forward an identity, an ideal of belonging to the territory and respect for work.